Wafi Mall

The shopping mall portion of the Wafi City complex is regarded as one of the most elegant shopping complexes in Dubai, having distinct pyramid-shaped atrium roofs. It was opened in 2001 and has over 200 stores, 60 international brand retail outlets, restaurants, and two floors of covered parking. It houses a popular family entertainment center, Encounter Zone, features a roller-blading rink, virtual reality simulators, a 3D motion theatre, and crystal maze. It also has The Link, which links the mall to the Pyramids complex, and is the useful venue for various exhibitions and fashion shows.
Popular Retail Outlets - Marks & Spencer, Jashanmal (Link), Paris Gallery (Link), Tanagra, Jumbo Electronics, THE One, Patchi, Rivoli, Tiffany & Co, Mont Blanc, and Versace. A hidden jem is the coffee shop Segafredo Zanetti (Link).
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