Bin Hendi Avenue

Bin Hendi Avenue is the luxurious addition to Deira City Centre. It opened just a year ago and it houses only high-end boutiques: Hugo Boss, Versace (Link), Bracchiallini and many designer jewellery shops. I like mostly the calm atmosphere (so different than the City Centre) and the coffee shops. For some more views of the outlets click here (Link). At Bin Hendi Avenue on the ground floor is the furniture and accessories store Jawed Home. It is housing Flamant and White Company.
Flamant offers very elegant range of furniture which are quite pricey, but bearable after discount. To view few pictures, please click here (Link). The White Company offers mostly bedroom accessories in white – bead sheets, towels, pajamas, robes etc. I personally find it a bit expensive for what it is as there are better options for less from other furniture and accessories stores.


Anonymous said...

Hello Pro Shopper ,

I am not sure if this is the proper place to post it, and if is not I apologize in advance. I old like to thank you for all the wonderful pictures on t he site. I and my family will be moving from USA to Dubai in the beginning of the next year and your site is valuable resource for all of us. We wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

would like to see more pic of dubai malls.

Editor said...

Well, thanks to both of you. I will post soon more pictures. In the mean time there are plenty on the net.