Souq Medinat Jumeirah

The Souq Medinat Jumeirah is very conveniently located between few five star hotels targeting mainly tourists - Mina Al Salam, Al Qaser, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. There are around 300 small shops, mini stores, boutiques and kiosks offering every think from branded cosmetic to authentic Iranian carpets, Kashmir pashmina shawls and antiques.
The Souq Medinat Jumeirah is most popular with the restaurants and coffee shops : Trader Vik's, The Left Bank, Noodles House etc. The view from the terrace tables is spectacular. There are water channels between the different parts of the complex which are serviced by old Arabic bots ( abra). We enjoy very much the food at Japengo.
The Souq is an excellent option to spend a weekend afternoon in relaxed atmosphere. For more details,please click here.

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