Massimo Dutti

This high street newcomer may have an Italian name but it was created, and is owned, by the Spanish Inditex Group. Zara is the most famous child in this family, but each sibling has its own niche.
Massimo Dutti’s speciality is East Coast preppy — an Hispanic Ralph Lauren for those not yet possessed of a seven-figure salary. In Massimo Dutti’s marble-and-dark-wood interior you can't see anythink flashy.
The collections usually consist of jackets and trousers in cream, black and pale grey pinstripe. These are the kind of pieces that women in Madrid wear to the office, mostly with a pale blue shirt to avoid the white shirt, dark trousers Soy camarera look. There also rails with the modest yet becoming clothes that Madrid women wear at the weekend: suede jackets in caramel, full floral print skirts and shirt dresses — not cheap, but pricing is the way in which Massimo Dutti asserts itself within the Inditex hierachy.

In Dubai Massimo Dutti boutiques are situated in Deira City Centre and Mall of the Emirates.

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Unknown said...

I have been shopping from Massimo Dutti for some years now and can tell you no one in Sydney has my clothes. Its chick and simple yet elegant.