Ralph Lauren - Polo Jeans Co.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans boutique offers excellent quality smart casual outfits for men and women. The picture here is of the outlet in Deira City Centre on the second floor.
Polo Jeans Co. was launched in 1967 when Ralph Lauren purchased the name Polo from his own employers, Polo Jeans Co. for men and women was not far behind. Starting out as a line of ties, Polo expanded over the years to include semi-formal and casual apparel for all sexes, ages, and classes. Since Polo Jeans Co. has extended their styles from argyle sweater vests and button-down oxford shirts to accommodate online custom shirts that you can design all on your own, Lauren can truly say that they offer something for everyone.
The company logo of a polo player on horseback is now an internationally recognized symbol for quality luxury clothing.
The prices in Dubai follow an international standards.

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