Sephora in the Festival Waterfront Centre

The so anxiously awaited opening of Sephora in Dubai actually happen it four days ago, on the 1st of March, at the Festival Waterfront Centre.
Finally, the store it's here and all fans can enjoy it.
I personally visited the store today and precisely investigated the well stocked displays: Dior, Lancome, Clinique and all the rest of all the luxurious cosmetic brands. Here you can see more pictures from the Sephora's insides.
All those it's a well decorated and generously stocked cosmetic store with a world wide reputation, still can't compare with Paris Gallery.


Anonymous said...

I must say that is nothing really special. I have read every one talks about it, but the store is not out of ordinary; Paris Gallery, Areej and Faces are quite good local cosmetic stores. Paris Gallery has much nicer decoration and larger selection ob brands. Sephora must be popular in the Weast and therefore people talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Sephora is by far the BEST makeup retailer! Unlike all the other make up stores in the UAE NO ONE comes over and tries to sell you something you DON'T want! You get to try things out before buying them. Plus, Bare Essentuals is offered, which is the BEST makeup for hot, humid climates! Plus, Sephora has everything and MORE than the Paris Gallery!

Anonymous said...

well sephora is best for more practical makeup place other than like paris gallery is more to showoff place and a limited brand......Sephora rocks!!