Souq Shopping

Neither the breezy wooden arcades of Bur Dubai Souq nor the ramshackle shops of Deira's Covered Souq resemble the barasti roofed bazaar that was established on the banks of Dubai Creek in the 1830s, but the city's souqs remain full of character and still have the reputation as the best in Arabia.
Dubai's souqs hold everything imaginable - you'll find Arabian perfume, traditional kandouras (white robes), spices and bellydancing costumes. Most shops specialise in something, but some seem to sell everything, ancient and modern, from pumice stones to traditional wooden tooth cleaners.

Whatever you buy, make sure to bargain, and in between bargaining take time to chat to the sales guys - they hail from everywhere: Mumbai, Islamabad, Isfahan and even Kiev. Accept all offers of tea - the socialising is as much fun as the shopping. And the shoppers are just as varied - you'll see foreign tourists haggling over suitcases and local ladies looking for the latest textiles.Souqs are generally open from Saturday to Thursday 10am to 1pm, shutting for lunch and siesta, and reopening around 5pm until 10pm. On Friday (prayer day) they open in the afternoon.

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